Discover a museum that has become a must-see in Normandy, on the route of the D-Day landings.

27 hyper-realistic scenes with sound, supervised by historians

Nearly 15,000 authentic collectibles

Temporary exhibitions: Women in War, Gabin…

About twenty old military vehicles inside and outside

Two major events every year: D-DAY and COBRA-44

Exterior of the museum in Carentan
Museum scene - Le café du commerce
The old grocery store
A hand painted mannequin
The P47 Thunderbolt

The Second World War did not end with the D-Day landings…

At the Normandy Victory Museum, we invite you to discover and understand the harsh events that followed that day on 6 June 1944: the Battle of the Hedges, among others; difficult fighting for the soldiers and days of pain for Norman civilians before the joy of the Liberation, which only came weeks later…

Many museums in Carentan and in Normandy evoke the landing of June 44 but here since 2017, we highlight, a slightly less known event: the Battle of the hedges. It was however a major event which allowed the liberation of France but at the price of heavy sacrifices for the soldiers and the civilians.

The objective of the museum’s founders and team is to make people understand the historical importance of this battle but also to pay tribute to the civilian and military victims and to the allied combatants, many of whom were Americans. The importance of their commitment and their losses are at the origin of the choice of the name of our museum: NORMANDY VICTORY MUSEUM in American language with in subtitle: Museum of the battle of the hedges. Read the article on the Battle of the Hedges.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you, the visitors, rank the Normandy Victory Museum among the must-see museums on D-Day and Normandy.

Your visit in details

27 sound scenes and historical sets

As soon as you enter the vestibule of the museum, you find yourself in the André Gidon street. A decor entirely reconstituted from historical elements by our decorator which evokes a street of Carentan in the 40s.

Then you are drawn into the hushed atmosphere of the museum. The first scenes are presented to you and it begins with a reconstruction of the occupation. The progression is then done in chronological order until the counter-attack of Mortain which marks the end of the Battle of the hedges. The scenes are full of details, reconstructed from period photos and created by our team under the direction of a history professor who teaches in Carentan. Some scenes in the museum are sounded to accentuate the immersive character and understand what the military and civilians felt in those difficult times.

Museum scene - Le café du commerce
World War II Museum in Carentan
Dodge Tour - 101st Airborne Tour
Tour in Dodge - 9th Airforce circuit

The director of the Victory Museum, Godefroy Beaussire, and one of the founders, Patrick Fissot, take you on a tour of the museum.

Video of the museum on Youtube

We suggest that you complete your visit to the museum with commented tours in a Dogdge (military vehicle from 1944) on the paths of history.

Dodge video tours on Youtube

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