History of the museum

A must-see museum on the theme of the Second World War

The NORMANDY VICTORY MUSEUM is one of the most important museums in Normandy on the theme of the Second World War. If it deserves a detour, it is because it deals in detail with the Battle of the Hedges which took place during the summer of 1944 in the Normandy bocage. An event that deserved to have an entire museum dedicated to it because it was so important, so strategic, and left such a lasting impression on the memory of the locals and the soldiers involved in the battle. This is where the history of the museum begins.

Normandy Victory Museum, World War II Museum

June 2, 2017, inauguration of the Normandy Victory Museum in the presence of General Poppas

On May 19, 2017 after long months of effort, the museum opens to the public and it is on June 02, 2017 that the inauguration of the Normandy Victory Museum will take place in the presence of General Poppas, commander of the 101st American Airborne Division. A presence rich in symbolism as we know the importance of this airborne division which liberated the city of Carentan in June 44.

2021, we were looking forward to the return of our visitors and they came back

On our side, projects continued to bloom. The store has been redesigned. The Greenfield Room was completed and since then, it has been used for a variety of business and private events.

In 2022: the museum celebrated its fifth anniversary.

The museum has evolved a lot since 2017 and the constantly increasing number of visitors and their enthusiastic reviews show us that we have been able to meet your expectations and confirm to us that it is necessary to always improve and surprise our visitors. That is why in 2022 we have installed two new scenographies.

An authentic landing barge and a testimonial film

It’s a big and audacious job to bring an authentic landing barge into our little museum! But it has entered and is now integrated into the tour. Walkers are invited to go inside and then to sit down to watch a few minutes of film made especially for the museum. In an original format, mixing archive images and animations, we discover the testimony of Bill Parker, one of the first soldiers to have landed at Omaha Beach. A realization that makes the film accessible to all spectators.

A P-47 Thunderbolt, in the museum

It was part of the recognizable elements of the museum. the P-47 which was parked outside, also entered the museum. It was actually a life-size model, made by an artist, Patrik Letouzé, and we were worried about its conservation. That’s why we installed it indoors, protected from the elements. From now on, the P-47 is highlighted in a crash scene in the middle of the Normandy countryside. This painting was created by several members of the museum’s team who were able to stage it with subtlety and respect for historical details.

The “Portraits of Veterans” exhibition grows each year

This exhibition by Florent Plana, tour guide and author of nearly 900 interviews with World War II veterans, was set up in 2021. In addition to the photo portraits and written testimonials, there are now videos installed in various places in the museum. In addition, Florent regularly travels to the United States to interview other veterans and “bring them in” to the Normandy Victory Museum

Deployment of the free audioguide application

The entire course can now be followed on a smartphone. Each scene has a Qr code that you just have to flash to read or listen to the description in different languages. The application also offers additional content for the most curious of our visitors and some small games to entertain the youngest.

Easy to use: the visitor just has to scan a Qr code which leads him directly to the application then he is guided. Headphones are required to hear the audio notes and for those who have forgotten them, the museum offers headphones at cost price (1€)

Our team

A small team 100% passionate

  • Patrick FISSOT (Founder)
  • Christophe BEAUSSIRE (Founder)
  • Nicolas BELLEE (Founder)
  • Godefroy BEAUSSIRE (Director of the museum)
  • Elsemiek Dekker (Head of reception and store)
  • Frédéric RAULINE (Decorator of the museum)
  • Florent Plana (Dodge tours and veteran exhibitions)
  • Cécile JEANNE (Webmaster, in charge of digital and print projects)
  • And our interns and seasonal workers.

Push the door of the Normandy Victory Museum

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