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Normandy Victory Museum

Hedgerows hell Museum

The Normandy Victory Museum welcomes you in the heart of the Cotentin marshes, in Carentan in Normandy.

In twenty scenes, in the middle of an exhibition of more than 10 000 authentic collectibles, our museum invites you on a moving journey alongside those who have lived and who have made history. Whether soldiers or civilians, national heroes or everyday heroes, we pay tribute to them.

Focus on an event marking the history of the Second World War, the battle of the hedges or Hedgerows Hell.

We are in high season, the museum is open from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (ticket office closes at 6 p.m.)
Reasons for a visit
The Hedgerows hell in La Manche summer 44

The hedgerows hell, a major fact of the Liberation

about 20 staging at the hedgerows hell museum

More than 20 realistic and sound-tracking scenes

Authentic museum collection

Nearly 10 000 collectibles and vintage vehicles

old vehicles

Intense and original immersive experiences

Armored vehicle experience

Located on the A10 Airfield, a former American Airfield

A10 american air field in carentan

Constantly renewed temporary exhibitions

Temporary exhibition women in war copyright Harold Lambert

Events organized or hosted by the museum

Tom Rice at the Normandy Victory Museum in August 2019

Currently at the museum

Women in War photo Harold Lambert

Temporary exhibition

Women in war

The Normandy Victory Museum inaugurates this year a new permanent exhibition within its collections. The Hedgerows hell is at the heart of the museum journey and constitutes the very identity of the structure. With the aim of enriching the site even more, the museum team and collectors have decided to include new themes. Among them, the role of women during the Second World War will occupy a prominent place at the end of the visit. Already partially implemented, the part devoted to the role of women has been reviewed and corrected in order to address its subject more comprehensively.


Equipes nationales, ils sont gentils les gosses, the film

July 18, 2020 – Film screening

“Equipes Nationales – Ils sont gentils les gosses”


We invite you to discover this moving film which traces the journey of young rescuers during the German occupation in the city of Le Havre. Using testimonies and archives, the team reconstructed the little-known story of these young Normans who worked with courage and altruism.

Henriette Leprovost who was one of these heroic rescuers, will be present

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Practical information and offers

The museum shop

WW2 souvenirs and specialties

The Normandy Victory Museum has also it’s militaria shop, in which you can buy much more than DDay souvenirs. These are replicas of WW2 collectibles, re-enactment outfits, models and educational games for children. There is also a large selection of books about World War II. Popular writings but also specialized and technical titles. Books, videos, magazines are available to broaden your knowledge and understanding.All these military objects are for sale in our shop or on our website (being redesigned).
The museum shop: WW2 souvenirs and specialties

Beyond DDay, a historical blog

In Normandy, the Second World War did not stop on DDAY. In the months that followed, la Manche still experienced fierce battles: the Battle of the hedges (Hedgerow Hell), the offensive of la Haye du Puits, the battle of Saint-Lô, Operation Cobra, the breakthrough of Avranches. Why were so many cities razed to the ground? How did the allies regain control? And what was the daily life of locals during these weeks in wartime before the Liberation?

Our blog is regulary enriched with specialized and didactic articles written by our team of historiens and enthusists. We also give the floor to specialists of the Second World War but also to locals who paid a heavy price for the landing.

June 17, 1940, in La Manche …

June 17, 1940, in La Manche …

As the 7th German division commanded by Rommel, inexorably advances towards Cherbourg and as the war draws near to La Manche, a handful of diehards cling to the lines of defense in Le Cotentin and try to halt the dazzling advance of the enemy.

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What you think of the Normandy Victory Museum

Fascinating enthusiasts

Everything to please! Meticulously reconstructed scenes watered by the private collections of 4 enthusiasts who dedicated their lives to this period. Rare pieces, objects that can be touched, vehicles that can be boarded, this is a meaningful approach and what we are looking for to maintain the interest of a teenager! One of the best WWII museum we have done!
Clairettebrunette – Tripadvisor – 11 août 2020

Interactive, fun and captivating museum

Great visit to this museum where it is possible to touch period objects (including weapons, Jeep Willis, ….). Both culturally interesting and touching through the testimonies of the inhabitants of the region, the possibility of taking a ride in a chariot but above all the honoring of women seduced us. TO RECOMMEND!
805martinep – Tripadvisor – 5 juillet 2020

Je recommande

Super musée avec le petit plus on peut toucher des objets et même monter dans une jeep. Très bon restaurant et balade en char très sympa je recommande.
Aurélien Dufour ( Google juin 2020)

From a connoisseur

Although I was quite familiar with the subject, I enjoyed the discussions the group had with the guide. I recommend !
Franck Dehaudt – Regiondo – 10 Aout 2020

In love

Magnificent museum near Carentan. Back this year and still under the spell
Yannick Chambre – Google 27 aout 2020

One of the best museums of its type.

We have visited many D-Day museums, most of which have their good points, but the Normandy Victory Museum is one of the very best.
It’s strength is the number of exhibits and the detail they have gone into to create the atmosphere of June 1944, from both sides. And it’s not just the military aspect they cover, but also the plight of the civilians. There is a film of interviews with older people who were children during the Occupation (although the interviews are in French with no subtitles) and a compilation of raw newsreel film, with English commentary and French subtitles. Visitors are able to interact with a small number of exhibits which children (young and old) would enjoy. For example, sitting in a jeep of the period, or trying on helmets or handling authentic weapons.
Jayne E (Trip Advisor 2019)

A museum that deals with a lesser-known part of history

A museum that deals with a lesser known part of the history of the post-Normandy landings. I still learned a lot, although I had already visited many museums in the region. I also recommend the tank baptism, impressive.
Céline Da Silva – Regiondo – 18 aout 2020

Must Visit if in the Area..

The best value for your € in Normandy ! Great visual display of every facet of life while the landings took place. Great static displays and plenty of War Antiques on display. A great souvenir shop and a pub ! Worth a visit and then some !
Rev Dr Andrew Pitt (Trip Advisor 2019)

Must visit museum

Good evening both inside and outside the visit of the museum was memorable, we have very beautiful things with a perfect organization.
DPdeLaBarolliere – TripAdvisor – 29 aout 2020

Ali Pati recommends the Normandy Victory Museum.

museum super pleasant to visit, well documented very friendly staff and the must: the armored tour will be remembered for a long time and thank you to the pilot so nice!
Ali Pati (Facebook)

Quite a nice, self-guided museum.

Quite a nice, self-guided museum. Enjoyed that you could go through it all at your own pace and spend more time on the things that really interest you.
Charlotte Fernimen – Google

Great for organizing a school trip

Great time to introduce to school children. The diversity of the proposals (visit to the museum + obstacle course + armored vehicle ride) excited the students. Staff available. Super welcome .. TO BE DONE AGAIN
fute_467000 (Petit Futé)

Un super musée

Un super musée et une équipe génial ils nous ont sauvé en traquant notre camping car enlisé dans le parking avec leur char comme quoi l’ancien peux servir au moderne ???? et l’expérience de la ballade en char proposé sur le site est vraiment a faire je recommande
Jacky Lemal (Regiondo juin 2020)

Thank you !

Nos visiteurs sont nos meilleurs ambassadeurs. Ils mettent l’accent sur ce qui leur a plu, les a touchés, les a intéressés et c’est toujours un régal pour nous de les lire et de leur répondre.

Vous aussi, laissez vous surprendre et partagez votre point de vue avec les découvreurs, les amoureux d’histoire…

And the palm of the commentators goes to … Catherine C. For the longest opinion posted on the Regiondo site in August 2020. Thank you Catherine!

Hello, being in the region, we have reserved our entry and at the same time a guided tour, via the museum website. Very easy and accessible booking. We got lost on the road (there are actually 2 places called “La Fourchette”. The receptionist told us that it was better to follow the phone’s GPS rather than the other GPS and indicate Catz) and we were late, so we contacted the museum to warn them, that’s the least: very friendly telephone reception. We are told that we can re-enter the museum and catch up with the guided tour. On arrival, fairly large parking. There are vintage military devices parked outside. We enter the museum, there are already staging with mannequins and reproduction of period store etc …. The welcome: very friendly, smiling while the person takes care of the entrances and the shop. After a humorous exchange, the receptionist tells us that another visit will begin, that we can follow her and that it will be done with the museum collector. What a visit and what a collector !!!!! This fascinating visit was carried out with a passionate person: anecdotes, detailed accounts, it was an extraordinary visit for us. My 14-year-old son (usually much more passionate about his console than history lessons!) “Absolutely loved it”, he “adored”, that is to say! All the objects are period, there is no reproduction, the objects are collected from locals who call them etc … The progression in the museum is done in chronological order with an impressive attention to detail and multiple stories. As in the majority of museums and others, the visit ends with the shop (that said, you can start with the shop as well, it being at the entrance / exit). You can find books, mugs, flags, gadgets, medals etc … all obviously related to the context. The prices did not seem prohibitive to us: a t-shirt at € 18.50, a camouflage backpack € 14.50 and the landing medal € 4.95 for example. To answer the 3 questions: nothing displeased us and we liked everything! We had no difficulty during our reservation or during our activity. As to whether we would recommend this activity to other people: without a doubt, but with the guided tour which seems very important to us for understanding the objects on display, for understanding the history, for the anecdotes, for the questions that you can ask and because when you are dealing with enthusiasts, history / History becomes exciting. A must see! And thank you to the museum collector for this visit.
Assessment date: 08/19/2020 15:06