A guided tour in a Dodge, imagined by our team according to the theme of the event (Cobra, DDAY…).


  • …€/Person for the tour only
  • …€/Person with museum visit (you benefit from reduced museum admission).
  • If you book for 7 people, the 7th place in the Dodge is free!
  • Departure guaranteed from two people.

I book a COBRA Special Tour

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  1. Choisissez le nombre de passagers
  2. Choisissez un jour, puis un créneau horaire
  3. Si vous souhaitez ajouter des entrées au musée à tarif réduit, indiquez le nombre (maximum autorisé : 1 ticket réduit par passager). Laissez vide si vous ne voulez pas d’entrées au musée

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Validez votre paiement.

Votre réservation sera confirmée manuellement par l’équipe du musée dans les 48h. Le Dodge ne part pas en dessous de deux personnes dans le véhicule, si vous êtes le seul passager, votre réservation ne pourra être validée que si au moins une autre personne s’inscrit sur ce tour. Notre équipe vous tiendra informé(e) de tout cela.

Annulation et remboursement à 100% jusqu’à 48 heures avant. Pour les annulations entre 48h et le moment du départ, veuillez nous contacter. Pas de remboursement si vous annulez après la date.

This tour is not yet available for booking. Take a look at our classic tours or the DDAY special that will be offered between June 1 and 9, 2024.

Your Dodge tour in a nutshell

Example of the COBRA SPECIAL tour in July 2023: this tour in a Dodge COBRA SPECIAL takes you to the heart of the Bocage region, to the Battle of the Hedges, and more specifically to Operation COBRA in July ’44. Our guide tells you exactly what happened, and compares the current situation with the events of ’44. The planes that took off from the A10, the German soldiers in ambush, the difficult terrain, the camouflage used by US and German soldiers… And watch out! As you make your way along the road, you may well be surprised by the re-enactors posted along the way to illustrate what your driver is saying. The 2024 route will be revealed shortly.

dodge excursion
Dodge tour in the Normandy bocage
Dodge tour in Normandy

Indicative departure days and times*.

* In case of differences, the booking system is to be taken into account

This tour is not yet available for booking. Take a look at our classic tours or the DDAY special that will be offered between June 1 and 9, 2024.

Good to know!

-> Are you unavailable in these times? Contact the museum reception desk to find out if it is possible to offer you a departure on another day or at another time.

> Booking is not required and you can come without a booking but we advise you to do so because people with a booking have priority and in high season, the tours are quickly full.

-> Departure guaranteed from two people.

Any questions? Contact us 02 33 71 74 94

Practical information about the Dodge tour

  • Tour time in Dodge: 1h15
  • Departure guaranteed from two people.
  • In case of rain and depending on the intensity, the vehicle is covered (Uncovered in good weather).
  • A running board is available for boarding the vehicle.
  • The seats at the back are made of wood (it’s not very soft but quite acceptable)
  • The journey does not present any particular risks for fragile people, however it is a little bumpy in places. Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any doubts. Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any doubts.
  • Our dog friends are not allowed in the vehicle for security reasons.
  • The vehicle is not equipped to allow access for people with reduced mobility.
  • Children are allowed from 7 years old.

Gift idea! Offer a tour in a Dodge ( available on our e-shop)

To offer this tour, choose the “Grand Tour” gift voucher. Please note that places are limited, so please reserve your slot as soon as possible.

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