The A10 Canteen Restaurant Pizzeria

a10 canteen restaurant pizzeria carentan normandy

At the gates of the Normandy Victory Museum, the A10 Canteen restaurant extends the ambiance of a visit to the museum

Our catering partner welcomes you for lunch and dinner in Catz near Carentan. Just push the door of the museum to find yourself immersed in a cozy post-war atmosphere. From general decoration to furniture through the juke box, table football or billiards. Everything here invites you to savor a moment of relaxation in a cozy American militaria atmosphere.

It is high quality French cuisine that will be served at the table. Fresh products, cooked with simplicity and generosity are brought to you with professionalism and smiles.

Brasserie, pizzeria, pub

The A10 Canteen is not just a restaurant, it is a place of conviviality where your hosts regularly invite you to activities, events and moments of sharing.

Opening hours of the A10 Canteen in Catz (Carentan les marais)

The restaurant is open monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday noon.

Weekly closing: Sunday evening.

Remember to book for large tables. Phone: 02 33 54 51 83

You can follow and contact A10 Canteen via their facebook page here

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Piano bar a10 canteen carentan
A10 canteen near Normandy Victory museum
A10 Canteen Billard in Carentan
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Your visit to the Normandy Victory Museum

Hedgerows Hell Museum

Discover the museum

Located in the heart of the Cotentin marshes which have seen so many liberating paratroopers fall, the Normandy Victory Museum evokes with realism and respect, the painful and glorious hours of the after Dday in Normandy.

To understand the story, pay tribute to the military and civilians and never forget.

Visit the museum

We have many offers for all of you. Family, group but also school and business.

Whether it is cultural, educational, entertaining, commemorative, each visit will have its own objective and each visitor will leave conquered and richer from this encounter with the past.