Virtual visit of Normandy Victory Museum carentan

We invite you to discover a little more about the Normandy Victory Museum. This virtual tour made up of videos and photos gives you a taste of your visit to the museum.

France 3 report on the tank experience and the museum

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Made up of around twenty sound staging, a collection of nearly 10,000 objects from authentic collections and military vehicles. The Normandy Victory Museum also called the Hedgerows hell Museum, offers a visual exhibition rich in experience. Here is an overview in photos.

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Located in the heart of the Cotentin marshes which have seen so many liberating paratroopers fall, the Normandy Victory Museum evokes with realism and respect, the painful and glorious hours of the after Dday in Normandy.

To understand the story, pay tribute to the military and civilians and never forget.

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We have many offers for all of you. Family, group but also school and business.

Whether it is cultural, educational, entertaining, commemorative, each visit will have its own objective and each visitor will leave conquered and richer from this encounter with the past.