History of the museum

The Normandy Victory Museum is one of the must-see museums in Normandy on the theme of the Second World War. If he deserves a detour, it is because he tackles in detail the battle of the hedges (Hedgerows hell) which took place during the summer of 44 in fields of Normandy. An event that deserved a whole museum to be dedicated to it, it was so important, strategic and forever marked the memory of the locals and the soldiers involved in this fight. This is where the history of the museum begins.

The Hedgerow hell, a major event in the history of the Landing

It took fifty days after the landing for the Hedgerows hell to finally end and be recognized as a success. Fifty days of fierce fighting which cost soldiers of all camps and Norman civilians. This is what we wanted to tell and explain to our visitors in a chronological, lively and immersive journey. With two major objectives: to inform and pay tribute.

At the beginning of the Normandy Victory Museum

Three founding members driven by the same passion

The Normandy Victory Museum is the result of the meeting in 2016 of three history enthusiasts: Patrick Fissot, history professor. Christophe Beaussire, manager and Nicolas Bellée, chartered accountant. Three collectors driven by the same desire, to set forth the Hedgerows hell which marked their department so much, and pay tribute to those who courageously fought to deliver the Channel from the German yoke, military as civilians.

A personal historical collection serving the public

Patrick Fissot and Nicolas Bellée are already great collectors when they join forces for this great museum project. Their respective personal collections are impressive and between 2004 and 2014, they mounted some large temporary exhibitions which earned them recognition from the community and the public. Building on these successes, they began to develop a museum project in 2015.

In 2016, they were joined by Christophe Beaussire, and also a passionate collector of military vehicles. He owns a building in the municipality of Catz (Carentan-les-marais) which he rented from the owner of the Tank Museum and who unfortunately sees its closure announced. This freed space will be the ideal place to install the collections of the three men and to share them with the widest audience.

Normandy Victory Museum inaugurated in the presence of General Poppas

A moving inauguration in the presence of General Poppas

On May 19, 2017 after long months of effort, the museum opens to the public and it is on June 02, 2017 that the inauguration of the Normandy Victory Museum will take place in the presence of General Poppas, commander of the 101st American Airborne Division. A presence rich in symbolism as we know the importance of this airborne division which liberated the city of Carentan in June 44.

Three years later…

The museum seems to have conquered its public

The hard work of these three enthusiasts and their team has paid off and the figures show an audience conquered by the theme of the museum and the manner of presenting this important period of local history.

  • 2017: 10,000 visitors
  • 2018: nearly 20,000 visitors
  • 2019: nearly 35,000 visitors, including a growing share of school.

Encouraged by these figures and the very positive feedback from our visitors, the museum team continues to constantly improve its museum journey and to imagine new events for our public.

What was planned in 2020

  • A new thematic exhibition “Women in war
  • Security conferences and events (Enigna conference); alternative events in the context of the health crisis: Ciné Driv’in on June 6.

March 2020, a brutal end and a battle to be waged

This beginning of 2020 will have shown us how fragile man is and how big he can be in adversity. The Covid crisis is such an ordeal that our generation and that of our children have never known. It allowed us to touch on a tiny fraction of what our elders have been through and forbade us all to give up.

This year, the museum could not reopen as planned at the end of March 2020, but we continued to work: improving the museum scenes, fitting out the exteriors, enriching our collections, postponing conferences, organizing ceremonies virtual like “Bells of Freedom” ou “Our Ciné Drive from June 6 “.

We also redesigned the website and set up an online booking system that allowed us to receive you as soon as we received authorization. Since June 2, we are gradually reopening our offer program based on the possible arrangements and ensuring that all the conditions are required for your visit to be peaceful and secure.

We are ready to receive you and we count on you.

Entrance to the Normandy Victory Museum carentan
Normandy Victory Museum Team

Our team

A small team 100% passionate


  • Patrick FISSOT (Founding member)
  • Christophe BEAUSSIRE (Founding member)
  • Nicolas BELLEE (Founding member)
  • Godefroy BEAUSSIRE (Museum director)
  • Elsemiek Dekker (Reception and shop manager)
  • Margaux LECLUSE (Project manager and tourist reception)
  • Frédéric RAULINE (Museum decorator and tank driver)
  • Cécile JEANNE (Web project manager)

What you think of the Normandy Victory Museum

I recommend

Great museum with the little extra you can touch objects and even get in a jeep. Very good restaurant and very nice armored vehicle tour. I recommend.
Aurélien Dufour (Google June 2020)

One of the best museums of its type.

We have visited many D-Day museums, most of which have their good points, but the Normandy Victory Museum is one of the very best.
It’s strength is the number of exhibits and the detail they have gone into to create the atmosphere of June 1944, from both sides. And it’s not just the military aspect they cover, but also the plight of the civilians. There is a film of interviews with older people who were children during the Occupation (although the interviews are in French with no subtitles) and a compilation of raw newsreel film, with English commentary and French subtitles. Visitors are able to interact with a small number of exhibits which children (young and old) would enjoy. For example, sitting in a jeep of the period, or trying on helmets or handling authentic weapons.
Jayne E (Trip Advisor 2019)

Must Visit if in the Area..

The best value for your € in Normandy ! Great visual display of every facet of life while the landings took place. Great static displays and plenty of War Antiques on display. A great souvenir shop and a pub ! Worth a visit and then some !
Rev Dr Andrew Pitt (Trip Advisor 2019)

Ali Pati recommends the Normandy Victory Museum.

museum super pleasant to visit, well documented very friendly staff and the must: the armored tour will be remembered for a long time and thank you to the pilot so nice!
Ali Pati (Facebook)

Quite a nice, self-guided museum.

Quite a nice, self-guided museum. Enjoyed that you could go through it all at your own pace and spend more time on the things that really interest you.
Charlotte Fernimen – Google

Great for organizing a school trip

Great time to introduce to school children. The diversity of the proposals (visit to the museum + obstacle course + armored vehicle ride) excited the students. Staff available. Super welcome .. TO BE DONE AGAIN
fute_467000 (Petit Futé)

Great Museum

A great museum and a great team they saved us by tracking our motorhome bogged down in the parking lot with their chariot as what the old can be used for the modern ???? and the experience of the chariot ride offered on the site is really to do I recommend
Jacky Lemal (Regiondo June 2020)

Thank you!

We are happy to see that most of our visitors are delighted and even often positively surprised by what they have discovered in our museum. You too, let yourself be surprised ans share your point of view with the discoverers, history lovers..