Free screening of “Equipes Nationales” July 18, 2020

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[ This event took place in 2020 – It has ended ]
Equipes nationales, ils sont gentils les gosses, the film

The film will be screened free of charge in a room adjoining the museum

Henriette leprovost photo La Manche Libre 2020
Saturday July 18, 2020, starting at 7:00 p.m., the film team will come to show you this touching film which retraces the journey of young rescuers during the German occupation in the city of Le Havre.

And we will have the pleasure of welcoming to this team, Henriette Leprovost who visited the Normandy Victory Museum a few weeks ago.

After watching the film, you will have the opportunity to chat with them and ask them your questions. We are particularly moved to welcome Henriette, 93, who is traveling to us to share with you her story and her experience.
Testimony of Lili, a spectator:

Documentary offering a vision of an unknown part of the history of Le Havre. a beautiful tribute to dedication, to altruism. The emotion there is just and full of humanism. a big thank you to the whole team and above all a great respect for these “storytellers who will have been able to pass on their riches to us between laughter and tears. Lili

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Visit the museum

What if you took advantage of your trip to Carentan to discover the Normandy Victory Museum?

For approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, you are invited to stroll through the wide alleys of the museums, in the midst of around twenty hyperrealistic scenes recounting the Hedgerows hell and the daily life of soldiers and civilians in the weeks following the landing in Normandy. The scenes are sound and you quickly enter the special atmosphere of the time. Military scenes but not only because our museum was also interested in the daily life of the inhabitants of La Manche during the war. During your journey, you will be able to observe no less than 10,000 collectibles – most of them authentic.

At Normandy Victory Museum, military history is told to you with precision and explained simply, but we are also keen to show you another side of the war and the Dday. Throughout this period of fighting, the allies and the enemies coexisted, the military and the civilians, women, children, prisoners, the victors, the vanquished … discover with us their daily lives.

Full price entry ticket: € 9 – Reduced price: € 6 (Under 16 years old, freelance, reservist, teacher, PRM) – Free for children up to 7 years old.

Learn more about your visit to the museum and the experiences on offer.

The evening program

  • Date: Saturday July 18, 2020
  • Location: Normandy Victory Musem movie theater (inside the museum)
  • Doors open: 7:00 p.m.
  • Presentation of the film and the team
  • Film start: 7:45 p.m
  • Debrief and questions and answers: 8:30 p.m

Usual informations

  • Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the entrance
  • Mask required (government instructions)
  • The museum is accessible by manual and electric wheelchair.
  • Our friends dogs are allowed in the museum (kept on a leash and subject to the behavior of the animal or the owners)
  • Free parking with 300 spaces accessible to motorhomes.
  • A restaurant is available within the museum grounds (find out more)