A newcomer to the “Poche de Roncey” scene (Pocket of Roncey)

by | 19 Mar 2021 | historics-collectibles

A newcomer has arrived in one of our scenes. Our historian introduces you to his outfit and gives you some historical background.
Roncey stage
German NCO uniform
Fallschirmjäger-Regiment normandy

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Three helmets testify…

Three helmets testify…

Three helmets found behind barrels near Villedieu (50) bear witness to the horror of the fighting at the end of the Battle of the Hedges.Three helmets bear witness to hard fighting Exactly 76 years after the fact, these three helmets alone bear witness to the horror...

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Visit the Normandy Victory Museum Musée de la Bataille des haies. We are in Normandy, Manche dpt, France.