The “terroir” pack, discovery of the Baie des Veys in La Manche

Three “essentials” of the Baie des Veys for an entertaining, gourmet and cultural day


Private groups (Min. 20 people)

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Professional groups (Min. 20 people)

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Visit Normandy victory museum, caramels of Isigny and marsh ride

It is a day rich in discoveries and moments of pleasure that we offer you with this Terroir Pack. Three key stakeholders in local tourism in the Carentan/Isigny-sur-Mer region have joined forces to offer you this journey to the heart of the historical and cultural heritage of the Manche.

  • The Normandy Victory Museum, visit to the Hedgerows Hell museum in Carentan
  • La galerie du Caramel, discovery of the making of the famous Isigny candy
  • Les bateliers du Cotentin, boat trip in the marshes

A day punctuated by a gourmet lunch on the banks of the Taute river

Ce pack séminaire comprend la location de la salle tout équipée, le petit-déjeuner d’accueil, le repas au restaurant, la visite guidée.

In the program of the Terroir pack

For groups of 20 to 55 participants.

In the morning, guided tour of La Galerie du Caramel

La Galerie du Caramel in Isigny-sur-mer, welcomes you for a discovery of the production of its famous caramels. From the milk harvest, to packaging and manufacturing. Through this visit, a whole universe is revealed to you, we tell you about the history of cream, Norman cows, the town of Isigny (town of Walt Disney family!), butter, oysters, apples … In short, you understand, you are invited to a meeting with all the richness of a region.

At the end of the visit, the participants leave with a surprise!

At noon, river ride aboard La rosée du soleil and lunch

Aboard La Rosée du Soleil, The boatmen of Cotentin, take you to the heart of the marsh to discover the exceptional flora and fauna of the Marais du Cotentin Natural Park. Your guides tell you with passion and enthusiasm, the life of the marsh which, although so sweet today, has known much noisier and more difficult days. It is indeed here in the heart of the marsh that many soldiers fell during the airdrops of the landing. Like all the local population, we do not forget the sacrifice of their men. To remember these moments through this trip on the Taute rive is also to pay tribute to them.

Lunch at la maison des Ormes

For a break, a lunch with local products is served at the Maison des Ormes, along the river.

To note!

From November to March, lunch on the Taute is replaced by lunch at the A10 Canteen, our partner restaurant.

In the afternoon, guided tour of the Normandy Victory Museum

Because here the land is marked by history, your discovery day cannot be complete without diving into the history offered by the Normandy Victory Museum. Beyond the history of the Second World War and the D-Day, it is a focus on the battle of the hedges that we offer.

Our guide, a member of the museum, accompanies you in the midst of twenty or so sound and orchestrated stages in every detail. A series of chronological tables ranging from occupation to liberation. He delivers to you with passion and pedagogy pieces of history, of the great but also of the small history, the local one, that lived by the people of here. During this tour you are invited to observe more than 15,000 authentic collection objects collected by the founders of the museum. Some can even be taken in hand to better understand what could have been the life or the mission of these men and women during the war.

For a festive and full day, add these options

> Ride in a vintage Dodge WC

In groups of 7/8 people, our guide / pilot takes you around the museum and the A10 Airfield, in a vintage Dodge WC. He shares with you the moments of history that are anchored here in the Normandy countryside.

> Festive dinner at the A10 Canteen pub restaurant

Our partner restaurant, A10 Canteen, offers a festive meal in a vintage Liberty setting, from the 1940s with American accents.

Usual informations

  • The museum and banquet hall are accessible by manual and electric wheelchairs.
  • Free parking with 300 spaces accessible to the motorhome
  • Our friends dogs are allowed in the museum (kept on a leash and subject to the behavior of the animal or the owners)
  • Complete offer available from April to October
  • From November to March, the lunch on the Taute is replaced by a lunch at the A10 Canteen, our partner restaurant.


For groups and professionals, it is possible to organize visits, activities and events outside the usual museum openings and in any season Do not hesitate to ask us.

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