Tourism package: guided tour of the museum + restaurant

A recreational, cultural and gourmet half-day in La Manche

Private groups (Min. 20 people)

From 32.50 € TTC / Person with lunch

Professional groups (Min. 20 people)

From 29 € HT / Person with lunch

Restaurant A10 Canteen, Carentan, near the museum

Ideal for associations or friends, the museum restaurant pack invites you on a guided tour of the Hedgerows Hell museum, followed or preceded by a convivial meal at the A10 Canteen, a pub restaurant decorated in the 1940s.

You can opt for lunch or dinner.

This offer is also available for tour operators and managers of professional groups

Ce pack séminaire comprend la location de la salle tout équipée, le petit-déjeuner d’accueil, le repas au restaurant, la visite guidée.

Tourism package program

Guided tour of the museum

Visitors are invited to discover around twenty soundscapes, on the theme of the Second World War and more specifically on the Hedgerows Hell, a major event after the landing in Normandy and espacially in the department of La Manche.

During this immersive tour, participants can observe more than 15,000 authentic collectibles scattered inside the paintings and in the aisles. Military objects, everyday objects, amazing historical pieces, some of which can be manipulated.

The guide who is part of the museum team delivers with pedagogy a historical story full of anecdotes. It brings local history closer to world history and answers visitors’ questions.

Meal at the A10 Canteen restaurant in a 1940s atmosphere

Before or after the visit, the group is invited to lunch or dinner at A10 Canteen. This pub restaurant decorated in a 1940s style focused on liberation, extends the atmosphere of the museum. Pub, jukebox, billiards and table football bring a touch of conviviality and good mood to this cultural outing (See the restaurant website).

Menu Brasserie

Aperitif: kir cassis

Starters buffet


  • Braised ham with camembert sauce or
  • Chicken supreme with Normandy sauce


Gourmet coffee

1/4 of wine per person or beer or soft

Elaborated menu

Aperitif: kir cassis and its appetizers

  • Crispy camembert-smoked ham
  • or warm goat cheese salad
  • or plate of smoked salmon


  • Ham on the bone with cider sauce and scalloped potatoes
  • or skewer of duck breast with thyme sauce and new potatoes
  • or chicken supreme with Normande sauce and mashed potatoes
    Ham on the bone with cider sauce and scalloped potatoes


Apple tart with vanilla ice cream or 3 chocolates delight or gourmet coffee

1/4 wine or beer or soft

Usual informations

  • The museum and conference room are accessible by manual and electric wheelchairs.
  • Free parking with 300 spaces accessible to the motorhome
  • Our friends dogs are allowed in the museum (kept on a leash and subject to the behavior of the animal or the owners)
  • Transport and accommodation not included


For groups and professionals, it is possible to organize visits, activities and events outside the usual museum openings and in any season Do not hesitate to ask us.

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