Visit Normandy victory museum, caramels of Isigny and marsh ride

Offer your team a moment of entertainment and team building around a historical theme.

The Normandy Victory Museum and Le Blockhaus Escape game in Carentan have joined forces to offer you a unique and entertaining activity that’s also a great team-building tool.

Le Blockhaus has won several Escape Game Awards.

Example of organisation

Welcome and breakfast in the Greenfield Room

On arrival, participants are welcomed in the seminar room where a breakfast of hot drinks (coffee, tea), fruit juice and pastries awaits them.

Let’s go to the Escape Game!

Your group goes to Carentan (5mn from the museum) where our partner takes your teams on a great fun time but also a group cohesion exercise! Learning to communicate, thinking together, respecting each other, daring… all this in a historical context.

The Blockhaus Escape Game in Carentan invites you to solve thrilling enigmas in its superbly decorated rooms on themes linked to the history of the Second World War.

3 rooms, 3 universes

See the storyline

You are Allied soldiers on a special mission.

According to our intelligence, a whole coastal battery of German long-range fire is challenging the landing in the area. We have very few options. We have chosen you today to carry out this mission.

We sent 750 men to destroy the Merville battery. Due to a number of errors, only 150 were able to reach the rendezvous point to carry out the attack. We had to limit our losses. To this end, three gliders arrived from England with men and supplies.

Your mission is to get the gliders to their destination. It is night and their autonomy is limited. We therefore order you to place a EUREKA beacon which will allow them to position you and the gliders in good conditions.

So depend on you, the lives of the soldiers crossing the Channel to save our freedom.

See the storyline

You are French resistance fighters commissioned by a double agent under the name GARBO.

It is 5 June 1944, a few hours before the Normandy landings.

Your mission is the following: you will infiltrate the house of a Norman couple, Louis and Jeanne, requisitioned by several German soldiers of the 6th regiment of Baron von der Heydte occupying the area between Carentan and Sainte-Mère-Eglise. You will then have to exchange confidential documents, knowing that the young couple has prepared your field action…

These documents are of the utmost importance and may call into question the planned landing on 6 June 1944…

Speed and discretion must be the key words that will lead you to success.

We are counting on you!

See the storyline

You are submariners of the Kriegsmarine, aboard the U-390, one of the most sophisticated submarines of the time, near Utah Beach.

Your war machine has just been hit by depth charges. Before it sinks and takes you with it, you have one last mission: to retrieve a coded message, crucial in this battle of Normandy, thanks to an ENIGMA machine.

Damaged, the U-390 will not let you reach the command room so easily. But who said it would be easy?

Good luck.

Complete your teambuilding day with additional options…

Meal at the A10 Canteen

The A10 Canteen pub restaurant, located within the museum, welcomes your group for a convivial meal in a 1940s atmosphere.

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Guided tour of the museum

Our guide, a passionate member of the museum, takes you through this period with emotion. He gives you many anecdotes and mixes local history with French and world history.

Tour in a vintage Dodge

Surprise your guests with a ride in a vintage Dodge. We will discuss the duration and price with you.

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Conference room

Our conference room with its 1940s decor can be rented on its own and adapted to your event.

Discover it here

Usual informations

  • The museum and conference room are accessible by manual and electric wheelchairs.
  • Free parking with 300 spaces accessible to the motorhome
  • Transport and accommodation not included
  • Our group offers are also available outside public opening days and times. Just ask us!

Other offers for groups could be of interest to you, find out more here

Not to be missed, in the Top 3 museums, a must-see!

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