** DDAY 78 event – June 3, 2022 at 4 p.m.**

Four WWII veterans with the author, Andrew Biggio

Reservation is not necessary. The reception takes place in the GREENFIELD room adjoining the museum and within the limit of available places.
Andrew Biggio, the author of the book, “The Rifle”, gives us the pleasure of returning to the Normandy Victory Museum accompanied by four veterans. For a few hours you will be able to talk with these men who are just as moved to return to Europe as we are all to meet them.

Andrew Biggio will sign his book.

An exceptional ceremony: presentation of the Purple Heart to John Althuizen

On the occasion of this event, US Army personnel will present John Althuizen with two Purple Hearts.

Indeed, this Dutch fighter, who had joined the 7th Armored Division, was never rewarded as it should be and on June 3, 2022, after 78 years, the American army wished to honor him before the grateful people.

Bob Weber-10th armored division

Bob Weber

10th Armored Division

Served in the Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe.

Insigne 10th armored division
Marvin Gilmore-458 AAA Batalion

Marvin Gilmore

458 AAA Battalion

Served in Normandy, northern France, Ardennes and Rhineland.

Insigne 458aaa BATTALION
Robert Heurgue 82nd Airborne

Robert Heurgue

82th Airborne

Served in Normandy, Ardennes, Rhineland and Holland.

Insigne 82nd airborne
John Althuizen-7th armored division

John Althuizen

7th Armored Division

Served in Holland, the Ardennes and Rhineland.

Insigne 7th armored division
Book cover, The Rifle Andrew Biggio

Andrew Biggio

Ex-Marine, veteran of Afghanistan, Andrew Biggio has produced a formidable collection of testimonies from veterans. For several years, he met these fighters from 39-45 with a red thread, a rifle that he had each of them sign in exchange for a testimony.

It is a work and a moving approach, where “The Rifle” becomes a transmitter of memory.

It is in the same spirit of generosity, exchanges and tribute that he comes accompanied by these four veterans.

The book will be available at the museum. You can also book it online in our E-shop and pick it up at the museum the day of your visit. (Attention: book in English version only).